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AGM Update and Management Meeting Minutes


The recent Management Meeting Minutes are attached. At the meeting it was decided that holding the AGM by "Zoom" or "Microsoft Teams" would be nigh on impossible. Meetings of this nature, with approximately 30 persons in attendance are difficult to control and keep on track. As a result we have decided to proceed in the following way, which is a combination of our own idea's and what other leagues have used.


Details of AGM


Firstly, we need to get both the League Fixtures and Ball Orders in prior to the end of February 2021, so the AGM has to be before then.


If you have ANY nominations or rule changes please get them to me on or before the 7th January 2021. At present there is only one change suggested, that relating to oversea's players. PLEASE NOTE- we are still awaiting a new Treasurer and a person to cover some aspects on social media (particularly on Match days). Also, please check back through the old Management Meeting Minutes as we may have already addressed your concerns since the end of last season. (They can be found on the website)


On or before Monday 11th January 2021 we will send out the AGM Agenda along with the following:-

Voting Forms for Officials and any rule changes

Form for the details of teams you are entering in the 2021 season including Senior teams, third and Junior teams

Form for the number of cricket balls you require for the 2021.

Referendum for whether you (as a club) want to provide tea's next season. Please note that even if tea's are NOT provided clubs will be expected to supply tea/coffee etc for players and officials.


We are required to give you three weeks notice of nominations etc so you need to get ALL THE ABOVE FORMS in before 4th February 2021. Over the following weekend the votes etc will be counted and, once ready a Management Meeting is to be arranged to ratify the results. I will retain ALL submitted forms for scrutiny of anyone for a period of 12 months (minimum).


Although we are only arranging a Management meeting, IF a club wants to make a representation at the meeting, we are making 15 minute slots available for clubs to have their say. If you want to "book" a slot please ask when you return the above forms.


I know many of you will be disappointed with the way we are dealing with this matter BUT unusual times call for unusual solutions and, as much as we'd like to hold a face to face meeting of all clubs we believe this will be impossible for several months.


If you've had your AGM and your committee has, or hasn't, changed can you please send details of the key contacts as previously requested when returning your nominations etc.


That only leaves me to wish yourselves and club members a Happy New Year. Please God that 2021 is a better year than 2020.

Link to the recent management meeting minutes here


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