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Game Week 8 Match Reports

17 Jun 2019

I'm running out of ways to say 'the game ended in a rain affected draw', can anyone help?


Division 1


Dove Holes 1XI v Hayfield 1XI


Dove Holes won the toss and elected to bowl seeing Hayfield make 167-2 before the rain called an end to the game. G.Wood made 88 and K.Sharp 58 before the close



Dinting 1XI v Broadbottom 1XI


Dinting elected to bat making 105-8 as the weather ended the match after 35. M.Knight made 39 and G.Harwick 40 as J.Riley took 4-18.



New Mills 1XI v Woodley 1XI


Woodley elected to field first and bowled New Mills out for 120 all out. D.Coverley made 62 as J.Ince took 3-24. Woodley chased down the total for the loss of 3 wickets thanks to 38 from C.Cranwell and 37* from J.Ince.



Mottram 1XI v Whaley Bridge 1XI


Whaley Bridge were put into bat and ended on 82-4 thanks to the weather, with H.Holden making 47.




Divison 2



Hazel Grove 1XI v Newton 1XI


Newton elected to field bowling out their hosts for 55 as M.Stringer took 5-9. Newton knocked off the runs for the loss of 3 wickets as M.Barnard made 41*.



Birch Vale 1XI v Hadfield 1XI


Birch Vale elected to bat making 267-5 before declaring in an attempt to end the game before the rain closed in. Hadfield were 70-4 when the weather eventually claimed the match.



Tintwistle 1XI v Old Glossop 1XI


Tintwistle were put into bat and ended their 45 overs o 132-6 with J.Pool making 58 and H.Clancey 34. Old Glossop were 90-6 in reply before the game ended in a rain affected draw.



Stalybridge SP 1XI v Buxworth 1XI


Stalybridge elected to field first bowling out Buxworth for 124. A Reynolds made 57 and C.Reynolds 43 as U.Riaz took 4-15 and J.Brady 3-13. Stalybridge knocked off the runs for the loss of 4 wickets thanks to an unbeaten half century from 52.



Divison 3



Newton 2XI v Pott Shrigley 1XI


Pott Shrigley made 110-3 before the rain ended the game after just 28 overs.



Hollingworth 1XI v Mottram 1XI


Hollingworth elected to bowl as Mottram ended on 74-9 before rain claimed the day. J.Miller took 5-23 and S.Morris 4-23.



Charlesworth 1XI v Chapel 1XI


Charlesworth elected to bowl as Chapel made 220-6. K.Hallam made 61, J.Jackson 80* and J.Wood 44 as P.Elliott took 3-42. Charlesworth could only make it to 153-2 in a rain affected draw as E.Morley made 115*.



High Lane 1XI v Offerton 1XI


Offerton were put into bat and were bowled out for 122. Scholes made 35 as G.Noon and A.Knowles took 3 wickets each. High Lane completed the chase for the loss of 6 wickets as J.McCarthay made 35 and J.Thelwell took 3-38.




Division 4



Woodley 2XI v New Mills 2XI


New mills were put in to bat and fell to 40 all out as E.Bray took 4-9 and T.Hotson 4-31. Woodley knocked off the runs for the loss of 1 wicket.


Old Glossop 2XI v Tintwistle 2XI


Tintwistle elected to bat first and were 94-9 before the rain ended the game. D.Acomb took 5-26.



Broadbottom 2XI v Birch Vale 2XI


Birch Vale won the toss and elected to bat, ending on 104-8 before the weather claimed the game. G.Whitney took 3-32 as W.Hall made 32.



Hayfield 2XI v Dove Holes 2XI


Hayfield were asked to bat and fell to 101 all out. D.Waterhouse and K.Waterhouse both took 3-32, K.Collins 4-15 as H.Howarth made 41. Dove knocked off the runs for the loss of 4 wickets as J.Buckley made 32* and D.Evans took 3-29.



Division 5



Chapel 2XI v Dinting 2XI


Dinting were 67 all out after electing to bat as J.Theyor took 7-20. Chapel knocked off the runs for the loss of 2 wickets thanks to 46 from Theyor.



Stalybridge SP 2XI v Offerton 2XI


Stalybridge were put in and made 143-9. A.Wilde hit 39 as W.Akram took 3-21. Offerton were saved by the weather as they ended on 71-7 in a rain affected draw. N.Woodman took 4-30.



Buxworth 2XI v Compstall 2XI


Compstall made 177-6 declared thanks to 89 from J.Patel. The game ended in a draw as no more play was possible.



Hadfield 2XI v Charlesworth 2XI


Charlesworth were put in to bat and were 106 all out. L.Rooney and C.Tranter claimed 3 wickets each as D.Whitney made 30. No more play meant the game ended in a rain affected draw.



Pott Shrigley 2XI v Hazel Grove 2XI


Hazel Grove elected to bowl and saw their hosts all out for 70. In a nervy chase, the finally made it home for the loss of 8 wickets.



Whaley Bridge 2XI v Hollingworth 2XI


The game was abandoned due to weather without a ball being bowled.


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