Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League


Game Week 9 match Reports

25 Jun 2019

Division 1


Woodley 1XI v Mottram 1XI


Woodley batted first and reached 166-9. A Ahmed made 65 while J.Swann took 3-48 and L.Wright 3-23. Mottram were 151 all out in reply. O.Andrews made 43 as C.Cranwell and W.Adam took 3 wickets each. 


Broadbottom 1XI v New Mills 1XI


Broadbottom elected to bat and made 281-7 thanks to 118* from C.Cheetham-Roberts, 51 from J.Brotherton and 37 from R.Welsh while J.Stevens and S.Kilner took 3 wickets each. New Mills were 129 a/o as O.Cummings took 4-18 and D.Perrin 3-33. 


Whaley Bridge 1XI v Dove Holes 1XI


Dove Holes elected to bat and reached 204-7. D.Gilbride hit 42, M.Vernon 34 and T.Forder 39 while D.Jones took 3-46. Whaley Bridge were 65 all out in reply as S.Critchlow took 6-17. 


Hayfield 1XI v Dinting 1XI


Dinting batted first and amassed 245-8 with M.Coleman making 83 and M.Knight 74. C.Winfield took 4-66 and J.Wyatt 3-42. Hayfield were bowled out for 118 in the chase, H.Poppengoel scoring 38 as S.Mehta took 4-30 and G.Harwick 3-3. 



Divison 2


 Old Glossop 1XI v Hazel Grove 1XI


Old Glossop bowled first and bowled out Hazel Grove for 168. M.Corum made 61 as P.Littlewood took 3-34. Old Glossop fell to 154 a/o in reply, B.Whitehouse made 58 as M.Burnard took 3-21. 


Buxworth 1XI v Tintwistle 1XI


Tintwistle elected to bat and made 273-7. K.Handforth struck 53, J.Smith 67, J.Booth 41*, K.Davies 31 and J.Pool 36. A.Reynolds took 3-67. Buxworth fell to 141 all out in reply, C.Reynolds made 46, B.Meij 30 as H.Clancey took 6-47. 


Newton 1XI v Birch Vale 1XI


Newton elected to bat and made 219 all out. S.Nugent Hit 31 and M.Edwards 39* as L.Anthony and M.Kennedy took 3 wickets each. Birch Vale were 80 all out in reply as L.Cunningham took 3-25 and C.Barnard 4-12. 


Hadfield 1XI v Stalybridge 1XI


Stalybridge batted first and were 109 all out. R.Hirst took 4-28 as M.Whitworth made 33. Hadfield fell to 97 all out in reply. 



Divison 3


Chapel 1XI v High Lane 1XI


Chapel bowled first and saw High Lane all out for 93 thanks to 5-43 from A.Burgess. Chapel knocked the runs off for the loss of 3 wickets as J.Wood made 42. 


Pott Shrigley 1XI v Hollingworth 1XI


Pott Shrigley elected to bowl as Hollingworth fell to 112 a/o. R. Clark took 5-18 as W.Qureshi made 38. Pott Shrigley made it home for the loss of 7 wickets. A.Jackson hit 50 as S.Morris took 3-25. 


Mottram 2XI v Charlesworth 1XI


Charlesworth elected to bat making 165-8 thanks to 54 from G.Evans and 36 from P.Elliott. Mottram were all out for 29 as G.Evans took 3 wickets and D.Wood took 4. 


Offerton 1XI v Newton 2XI


Offerton were put in to bat and and were 111 all out. I Bates made 40 as M.Hyde and J.Mercer claimed 3 wickets each. Newton knocked the runs for the loss of 6 wickets. N.Tansella made 49 as A.Dal took 5-41. 



Division 4


Dove Holes 2XI v Old Glossop 2XI 


Old Glossop were put into bat and fell to 95 all out as B.Bagshaw took 4-14 and 4-8. Dove knocked off the runs for the loss of 8 wickets, D.Acomb and J.Cannon claiming 3 wickets each. 


New Mills 2XI v Broadbottom 2XI


New Mills were 52 all out thanks to 4 wickets each from S.Croft and S.Gould. Broadbottom eased to their target for the loss of 3 wickets. 



Birch Vale 2XI v Hayfield 2XI


Hayfield elected to bowl and saw their hosts rack up 227-6 thanks to 116 from J.Burns and 52 from from W.Hall as R.Evans took 4-55. Hayfield came up just short, ending on 203-4. A.Oldfield made 43, R.Evans 62 and H.Wyatt 50*


Tintwistle 2XI v Woodley 2XI


Tintwistle won the toss and elected to bat ending on 124-7. Woodley knocked off the runs for the loss of 6 wickets as B.Qasim made 35 and C.Wilson 38. 


Division 5


Hollingworth 2XI v Offerton 2XI


Offerton elected to bat ending 68 a/o as K.Khan took 5-24. Hollingworth completed a nervy chase ending 8 down with M.Saleem taking 6-18. 


Stalybridge 2XI v Chapel 2XI


Chapel elected to field as their hosts were bowled out for 58 with J.Theyer taking 4-14. Chapel were 8 down when they completed the chase as M.Connolly taking 4-16. 


Compstall 2XI v Hadfield 2XI


Compstall were 60 all out batting first as R.Ball took 4-13, A.Smith 3-21 and C.Tranter 3-15. Hadfield made light work of the chase for the loss of no wicket, I.Morten hitting 30*. 


Hazel Grove 2XI v Buxworth 2XI


Buxworth elected to bat and ended on 151-8 with A.Hill scoring 52*. Hazel Grove knocked off the runs for the loss of 3 wickets. S.Pigeon hit 51 and K.Horton 34. 


Charlesworth 2XI v Pott Shrigley 2XI


Charlesworth won the toss and elected to field as Pott Shrigley were bowled out for 75. A Thomenson made 36 as J.Butterworth took 3 wickets and D.Sargeant 4. Charlesworth made it home for the loss of 4 wickets, C.Simms made 32 as R.Caslaw took 3 wickets. 


Dinting 2XI v Whaley Bridge 2XI


Whaley Bridge were 73 a/o as D.Harwick took 5-23. Dinting made it home for the loss of 4 wickets. 

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