Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League


Secretary's Season Update

8 May 2020

Dear All,


Once again I hope that you are all safe and well. Please find enclosed the weekly update from the ECB which is shorter than normal but has some interesting information regarding Dynamo's which you may need to share with your Junior Co-ordinators.


Quite Rightly, I've had several emails about what are the League's thoughts on cricket this season, especially as we now seem to be looking at coming out of lockdown. I'd therefore like to cover a few of the questions we've been asked.


1. There has been offers from several Chairman with help for the league going forward this year, and I'm sure we'll take up this offer once we have something to discuss. If there's limits on movement and meetings, I believe Zoom will accommodate this. I've not used Zoom yet, preferring Whats App and Skype for work, but neither will accommodate the number of persons we would need.

2. There was a suggestion to send out a questionnaire to see which clubs would be ready to play at short notice, but I think most of us felt that this would currently be a waste of time. Because of the emails I've received I KNOW you're all ready so that, in itself, is not a problem. The problem arises when we're told under what conditions we will be allowed to play (if any). For example there may be a restriction still on travel and I find it highly unlikely that club houses will be allowed to open.

3. The Government is announcing the FIRST STAGE of exit from lockdown this week. I'm confident that recreational sport will not be included at this time, so we will be none the wiser as to when we start (if ever). There is talk of August but, personally, I'm not overly confident.

4. We have to abide by whatever the ECB says, and that includes ALL forms of cricket including friendlies. I would really like them to make a decision soon but don't think they will.

5. Junior Cricket- for me this is the most important area because a full season off could really affect numbers next year. Again though, if they can't go to school they won't be able to play cricket. I also think there may be schools opening earlier than September this year and that could really affect Junior cricket if there's a late summer start.


The above will look really negative to some of you, but I'm sorry, I'm only trying to be realistic. I like many of you, want to spend my afternoons chewing the cud with like minded cricketing fanatics and watching a good game. However, we have to be very careful not to push things as I think this Government wants to come out of this very slowly, risking as few people as possible.

Keep Safe.

Mike Stansfield

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